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Monthly Archives: February 2014

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace an Air Conditioner

Having an air conditioning system offers comfort and temperature control, particularly during hot months. But just like any other appliance air conditioners often need to be repaired, or even replaced. Many owners of air conditioning units, though, aren’t sure when it’s time to look into purchasing a new unit. Below are five tell tale signs […]

Revenge of the Carpet Cat

It seems difficult to believe that there was a time when homes didn’t have a carpet. People would simply pick up their rugs, take them out to the clothesline, and beat the dirt from them. But as houses began including such strange things as an icebox, electricity, or the wind up telephones, carpets gained in […]

Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Need Serviced?

Just like any other appliance, your air conditioning unit will be need serviced from time to time.    There are several  warning signs you’ll notice when your AC is in need of a tune up.  These include the following: The AC is running constantly, but your house doesn’t seem to cool off The air coming […]

Landscaper or Lawn Service?

Many Lawn & Hedge Trimming Services proclaim to be ‘Landscapers’, or ‘Gardeners’, but often are neither. There’s a difference. Landscapers and Gardeners are professional and experienced in designing and producing attractive, and value- enhancing surroundings to your Home and Property. Many if not most Mowers/Trimming Services do not have the education and experience in the […]

Using Home Windows Will Be Beneficial

For people that use computers, using home Windows will give them an exceptional ability to get things done in a quick and efficient manner. Since Windows will allow them to complete many tasks, they will find that this program will work for them in their business or personal lives. Windows will let a person write […]

4 Ways To Keep Winter Landscape Blahs At Bay

As the minute-by-minute winter of 2014 seems to be giving way to a few sunny days, it is time to start looking towards spring looks.  And by that I mean…It is time to landscape! If you are like me, plenty of things have happened to your lovely yard during the snow and you may not […]

The Top 4 Things to Look For When Purchasing Vinyl Home Windows

Many people shop for vinyl home windows every year, and while vinyl is a good option, it’s important to know what to look for when shopping for vinyl windows. Those shopping for windows should make sure that the vinyl windows they purchase will last them for many years to come. Since all vinyl is not […]

Benefits of a Travel Agency

With the increase in online travel booking, most people would probably argue there is no reason to use a travel agency. But what many people do not realize is the benefits that travel agencies bring to a travel experience. Here are just a few reasons why using a travel agency for a trip may be […]