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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace an Air Conditioner

Having an air conditioning system offers comfort and temperature control, particularly during hot months. But just like any other appliance air conditioners often need to be repaired, or even replaced. Many owners of air conditioning units, though, aren’t sure when it’s time to look into purchasing a new unit. Below are five tell tale signs that an air conditioning unit is getting close to needing a replacement. Before you do anything you should research ac units here to get the best information before making a decision.

Air conditioning units that are ten years of age or older usually need to be replaced. While a well-maintained air conditioning unit will likely last up to 15 years, if it is already in need of costly repairs, it’s not worth the money to replace it. Instead, owners of units that are over ten years old should consider simply replacing the unit.

Sometimes it’s easy to tell if a unit is inefficient. However, air conditioning units come with what’s called a SEER rating. Unit owners who are concerned about the efficiency of their unit should check the SEER rating; if it’s below 13, it might be time to replace.

Any air conditioning unit that suffers frequent breakdowns should likely be replaced. The time and money it will take to continually acquire repairs will likely accrue to more than the cost of simply replacing the unit. If this is the case, it’s time to replace.

Uses Freon
Particularly in the United States Freon is being used less and less, and the federal government would like to make it obsolete. Those who own air conditioning units that require R 22 Freon should replace their units.

Uncomfortable Home
A properly functioning air conditioning unit will result in a comfortable home, so unit owners who are continually uncomfortable or too warm likely need to look into a unit replacement.