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Landscaper or Lawn Service?

Many Lawn & Hedge Trimming Services proclaim to be ‘Landscapers’, or ‘Gardeners’, but often are neither. There’s a difference. Landscapers and Gardeners are professional and experienced in designing and producing attractive, and value- enhancing surroundings to your Home and Property. Many if not most Mowers/Trimming Services do not have the education and experience in the cultivation, care, and protection of attractive Flowers, Plants, and Shrubbery. They have Lawn Mowers.

It’s easy enough to find out if your Lawn Service knows anything about actual Landscaping with a few simple questions. Deer, more and more recently, are a common enemy of valuable gardens. Does your Lawn Service know which types of plants and flowers deer prefer, or which they avoid ? Other types of pests too, feast on attractive plantings – rabbits, moles, mice. Does your Lawn Services know how to manage these in order to maintain a healthy and attractive garden?

Professional Landscapers are also usually proficient and very often certified, in the application of hazardous pesticides and animal repellents. This is an area most Lawn Services don’t often deal with. Browse for more info on getting your lawn taken care of.

There’s also the issue of expense. Most legitimate, professional gardeners and landscapers will discuss your landscaping budget with you. How much are you prepared to spend, and how often ? They should be ready to explain not only the expense, but the seasonality and lifetime of decorative plants and shrubbery. Also, if your spending money to enhance the beauty of your home, you’ll want to see examples of other Landscape Work they’ve done. Most reputable Landscapers have handy, or will provide, a portfolio of other successful projects they’ve done. As with most purchases, shop around to get a feel for a reasonable and quality product.

Be prudent, and enjoy your personal landscape.