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Air Conditioning Systems: Three Things Every Consumer Should Consider

Purchasing an air conditioning unit requires more than just looking at how much you can afford. There are several factors that must be considered such as the size, how much energy it uses, and even how efficient the unit/system will be at keeping your home cool. Whether you opt for a portable system or window unit there are certain aspects that the unit should have in order to make it a great buy. Below are a few of those factors to consider.

Energy Efficiency Rating

All air conditioning units are required to have an energy efficient rating on it. The ratings can range from 8 to 11.5. Consumers should pay close attention to these ratings because while units with higher ratings will mean more money initially, over time it saves you more money on your electrical bills.

Higher rated systems are also beneficial in reducing the amount of emissions in the air. You can find the rating on a yellow label. If you can, spring for a rating of 10 or more.

British Thermal Units (BTUs)

Another factor that determines the efficiency of an air conditioning unit is the BTUs. This rating tells consumers how effectively the unit can cool the room. Newer models range around 5000 BTUs and goes up.


In order to select the appropriate size air conditioner you will need to measure the size of the rooms you will be trying to cool with the unit.

Lastly consumers should look into features that might prove to be more beneficial and convenient. Features might include electronic controls (as opposed to manual), digital thermostat, various fan speeds, and easy to maintain. Once you have considered all of these factors you can then consider the price and what you can afford to pay for an air conditioning system. View for contractors that may be able to serve your needs.

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