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Getting Northern Gardens Ready for Spring

Most northern gardeners anxiously await the end of winter weather and anticipate the first few days of warm sunshine, encouraging them to finally get out of the house and out into the garden. But once that day finally approaches, many people are unsure of where to start in preparing their landscape for spring. It often feels like the list of to-do’s can go on and on, but a few simple guidelines can help ensure spring tasks are completed in plenty of time to enjoy a refreshing lemonade on the porch.

First, prune anything that has gotten a bit too big or unkept looking. This is also a great time to cut back any ornamental grasses that have been left up over the winter. Once everything is cut back, clean up the trimmings.

After the pruning and trimming is complete, the next step is to make any relocation choices. Has anything outgrown its current location? Have other plants grown larger and started shading out those below? Move the plants that need a new home, keeping in mind their specific needs and choosing a site suited to each plant’s requirements.

Lastly, apply a fresh layer of mulch or landscape fabric and rock. This helps the soil retain moisture, keeps weeds down and gives the landscape a clean, finished look. The landscape fabric is necessary when using rock to make sure the rock stays at the surface and doesn’t start to sink down through the soil.

Now that these steps are all completed, it’s time to relax with a nice cold drink and enjoy the outdoors. As always if you need help you can view to talk with contractors that can assist you.

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