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Utilizing Color To Brighten A Landscaping Design

As the winter season comes to a close, it is time to start thinking of the Landscape and the coming growing season. Spring is a great time to ad color to the landscaping design.

Color is an important element to an aesthetically appealing planting design. Ad color splashes to areas that are readily seen from passing cars, neighbors and of course the homeowner. Areas around the drive and main entrance to the house can be spruced up by adding some flowering plants in the spring to create a welcoming entrance.

An annual and perennial garden can ad enjoyment and brightness to a landscape and can be enjoyable during outdoor activities. There are many varieties of annuals and perennials that make great choices for both gardens and containers in the landscaping. Some favorite annuals include Impatiens, Marigold, and Begonia. Perennials include Hydrangea, Clematis and Phlox.

Annuals are not only planted in the garden but are often used in containers, window boxes and hanging baskets. All of these planting techniques will offer the homeowner a glimpse of color as they look out of the homes windows.

Perennials can be used more for the permanent areas of the garden where color is needed to brighten up the trees and shrub beds, and around patios and decks.

Annuals are great plants for container gardening and will ad burst of color wherever they are placed. Colored decorative containers can also be used to ad to the visual display. Containers also have the added benefit of being portable and can be moved around the yard for different occasions.

Spring is a great time to ad color to the landscaping. As spring and summer activities start, family and guest will be amazed at the dazzling color and attractive plants placed strategically throughout the landscaping. You can always get a professional to help at to provide a quote, advice, or additional services.

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